Embedding Commercial Awareness

Client Leading telecoms network access provider, in fast-moving B2B market
Client’s challenge To be faster at spotting new customer needs and developing service solutions that deliver real customer value and are profitable attractive for us to provide.
Initiative sponsor  Commercial Director
Target population  120+ product and service managers with strong technical background, generally reactive mind-set and limited formal development of commercial business skills
Cultural context
  • Experienced people cynical about traditional training
  • Culture of follow rather than challenge process
  • Lack of competitive spirit
  • Silo-structure, limited opportunities to work across disciplines
Performance outcomes required Business managers with skills and enthusiasm to:

  • Challenge & change
  • Analyse market dynamics
  • Create innovative solutions with compelling value propositions
  • Build business case for investment
  • Develop robust plans to “take to market”
  • Sell propositions internally
Our embedding solution – key characteristics
  • Active main board engagement and sponsorship – they chose projects, sponsored each team & received outcomes
  • 6 cohorts of 3 multi-disciplinary teams of 4-6 people competing
  • Real projects focused on critical business challenges
  • Real recognition – cash prize offered by business for successful teams
  • Tight timescale (3 months) – enough to learn, apply learning and stay engaged
  • No more than 2 days away from the day-job at any time
  • Combination of action learning, face-to-face training and team coaching
Business impact
  • Actionable ideas & project plans within 3 months – 60% quicker than usual
Other outcomes
  • Energised, confident people who have proven they can do it
  • New ways of organising future project initiatives