Embedding Project Management Skills

Client Leading global food and drink business with headquarters in the UK but undergoing major restructuring and relocation of operations across the world
Client’s business challenge  To develop simple and pragmatic project management skills across the business that will increase the speed and success of projects.To become more efficient in project management, thereby allowing less disruption to business as usual and allowing the business to complete more projects with the same resource
Client sponsor International Head of Talent Development
Target population Global population of business managers and staff across all functions who are managing or working on small or large projects with a business impact
Cultural challenges to overcome
  • Lack of a common project management language or level of basic understanding
  • Different functions operate in different ways with few cross-functional processes
  • Unstructured approach to decision making and stakeholder management
Performance outcomes required Projects that will:

  • Deliver better business outcomes more rapidly
  • Less risk encountered in projects
  • Better resource management in projects, reducing costs
  • A common language across functions and an enthusiasm to work more cross-functionally using common tools
Our embedding solution – key characteristics
  • Modular programme engaging all levels of the business
  • Leadership engagement focused on developing the vision of the new culture with detailed understanding of behaviours and actions required
  • Establish clear behavioural targets and changes for the leadership team
  • Create cross functional teams to deliver projects that will embed cultural change guided by expert facilitation, training and coaching incorporating engagement with leadership team and implementation of ideas
Business impact
  • Individuals and teams who really understand the core methodology and how to use the tools in the workplace
  • Quick wins on delivering specific projects rapidly
  • A common language with groups embedding the process and tools
Learning outcomes for the participants How to:

  • Take responsibility for delivering a project successfully
  • Adopt a pragmatic structured way of delivering projects
  • Set clear objectives, scope, plan and manage risk in a project successfully
  • Develop and maintain project momentum
  • Engage and get the best out of virtual teams, working across functions and locations