Lunch & Learn – Financial Understanding

Client A major global music group
Client’s business challenge  To make sound business decisions our people need to understand the new business models that underpin new revenue streams that now underpin our industry and they way we make money.
Intiative sponsor Managing Director
Target population Managers from across all departments of the business who make decisions that impact on the bottom line
Cultural context
  • Profit considered second to create creative music
  • Focused on sales units and chart positions rather than on profitability
  • Creative people often with a short attention span when dealing with business finance matters
Performance outcomes required We need our people to be able to:

  • Understand how we make money from all of our various revenue streams, new and old
  • Make their day-to-day decisions with full understanding of the impact of their decision on the profitability of the deal and of our business
Our embedding solution – key characteristics
  • Several short two hour “lunch and learn” tutorial sessions for groups of 10-12 people working through examples and short exercises
  • One-to-one coaching afterwards if needed to explore the application and relevance of the learning to real world situations
Business impact
  • Very high take up – the format and convenience made learning very accessible
  • More confident use of internal financial information leading to greater input and discussion in cross-departmental meetings
Other outcomes Much improved and more frequent communication and cooperation between the finance specialists and the rest of the business