Creating a Culture of Innovation

Client Leading global FMCG, in fast-moving, highly competitive marketplace
Client’s business challenge  To shift the organisational culture from being hierarchical, process led and risk averse to one that maintains commercial discipline but develops new ideas and implements them rapidly and effectively. This will enable the company to achieve dramatic growth targets in emerging markets and enhance profitability in established markets
Client sponsor International Head of Organisational Development
Target population Market-based teams of business leaders and senior managers operating in a regional structure. Teams comprise a mix of:

  • Long-established staff enmeshed in the existing culture
  • New recruits with a fresh outlook but less business or industry experience
Cultural challenges to overcome
  • Experienced business managers suffering from change fatigue
  • Leadership teams with little experience of implementing major change
  • Risk averse mind-set with very short term focus
  • Different businesses at different stages of development
  • Silo-structure with limited cross-working
Performance outcomes required Businesses with:

  • The creation of more ideas within the business
  • The ability to look outside the business and industry to develop new business methods
  • Faster development and implementation of new ideas across the business
  • The skills and processes to produce, share and develop new ideas
  • People at all levels with real commitment to develop innovative solutions with compelling value propositions
  • A deep understanding of how to encourage innovation throughout the business
Our embedding solution – key characteristics
  • Modular programme engaging all levels of the business
  • Leadership engagement focused on developing the vision of the new culture with detailed understanding of behaviours and actions required
  • Establish clear behavioural targets and changes for the leadership team
  • Create cross functional teams to deliver projects that will embed cultural change guided by expert facilitation, training and coaching incorporating engagement with leadership team and implementation of ideas
Business impact
  • Unprecedented levels of engagement across the business
  • Rapid implementation of new ideas to develop the culture
  • Development of real momentum for the change
  • Significantly enhanced levels of communication across the business
  • Improved levels of trust and confidence between leadership team and the rest of the business
Learning outcomes for the participants
  • Shifting from functional leadership to business leadership
  • How to make culture change really happen
  • Skills in developing ideas and implementing them rapidly
  • Improved understanding of how to balance risk and commercial benefit