Financial & Commercial AcumenFinancial & Commercial Acumen

Business today is becoming increasingly complex. New business models are being created and there is a constant need for leaders and managers to spot new revenue opportunities, stay on top of costs and sustain strong cashflow.

We can help you to create really engaging development activities to really develop the business acumen of your people. Having this broader perspective will help them to make better business decisions with a full understanding of the overall impact on their business and its results.

Here are some examples of recent initiatives we have completed in this area.

Giving business managers and leaders the knowledge, skills and confidence to take responsibility for their budgets, share financial information with their teams and work better with their finance specialist colleagues… more >

Vital for business people with specialist careers to date as, for example, marketing, sales or supply chain professionals, but whose roles now require them to have a broader commercial understanding of how their business works… more >

Increased competition and limited financial resources make it more important than ever that businesses can appraise new opportunities and turn them into honest and compelling cases with speed and efficiency… more >

Embedding in aspiring business leaders the capability to shape future direction, innovate new business models and ideas and successfully introduce new initiatives taking full account of their overall impact on their business… more >