Finance for Business Managers


You need your business managers to:

  • Use financial information and reports with real confidence
  • Make business decisions with a clear understanding of their impact on the bottom line
  • Explain the key financial metrics of your business and be clear what they must do to influence them
  • Take responsibility for their numbers and not leave everything to the finance specialists
  • Produce, manage and deliver departmental budgets and forecasts


We can work with you to put in place:

  • Engaging learning that demystifies the numbers and helps your people break through the financial jargon
  • Practical and engaging learning activities based on the real decisions, including the terminology, reports and challenges of your own business
  • Expert support and guidance to support your people as they apply their learning and really build their confidence in managing financial performance

Business impact includes:

  • Smarter decision making – with full consideration to financial consequences of options and actions proposed
  • Tighter financial control – real accountability for budgets and forecasts
  • Time saving – finance specialists spend less time dealing with routine queries from non-finance colleagues
  • Greater confidence to use financial reports and work with finance colleagues