Managing YourselfManaging Yourself

Research shows us that performance in the workplace is driven at least as much by emotional intelligence (EQ) as by technical competence. EQ involves strong self-awareness, awareness of others and the social skills to develop successful relationships.

Organisations spend huge amounts of time and money in resolving people issues that could often be avoided if individuals had a greater understanding of their own personality, behaviour and the impact they may have on others.

Here are some examples of recent initiatives we have completed in this area.

Whilst some are born with higher levels of emotional intelligence than others, many of the key principles and skills of emotional intelligence can be learnt and developed. Most of us have a natural curiosity about how others perceive us and why we perceive others in the way we do. Numerous research papers have demonstrated that emotional intelligence is a critical performance driver in all jobs and in leadership jobs it is absolutely central… more >

There are countless psychometrics and tools for defining and measuring personality types and preferences, some better established and researched than others. The advantage of most of these models is that they raise awareness of the dynamics in relationships and provide teams and individuals with a language and tools to describe and manage differences more positively, avoiding the more judgemental ways which we lapse into dealing with differences…. more >

Today there is more focus on performance management as organisations seek to get the most out of their people. However too often it is seen as a management process rather than as a relationship between individuals, their managers and the organisation.

Organisations can do much to help individuals perform at their best by helping them understand how to take responsibility, how they learn, how to manage their own motivation and how to make the most of every learning opportunity they encounter… more >