Practical Project Management (PM)


You need people who will:

  • Manage the delivery of business projects efficiently and effectively
  • Use the skills and processes for scoping and planning to generate clarity and consensus with key stakeholders
  • Be proactive in managing risk, ensuring that projects and business as usual are both delivered successfully
  • Use project management skills to create momentum in the delivery of projects

We can work with you to create:

  • Practical and engaging development programmes that provide people with the skills and the enthusiasm for using project management as a key enabler of change in their business
  • Opportunities to apply these skills and tools on real projects, allowing your people to develop deep understanding and confidence whilst generating immediate business benefit

Business impact will include:

  • Faster project delivery using less resource
  • Reduced disruption to business as usual by improved planning engaging the rest of the business
  • Greater control through improved risk management and better scope management
  • Increased capacity to deliver more projects through resource efficiencies and greater sponsor and stakeholder focus