Project Sponsorship


You need executives who will:

  • Focus the organisation on delivering sustainable project benefits rather than just achieving short term project objectives
  • Turn strategy into implementation by providing project managers with the right project objectives¬†and scope with clear measures
  • Prioritise projects clearly in line with the organisation strategy and allocate resource effectively
  • Navigate projects through organisational politics and differing agendas for the benefit of the organisation

We can work with you to create:

  • Practical and engaging development programmes that provide executives with a clear understanding of the role of a project sponsor and other stakeholders.
  • Real understanding of how to to establish structures and mechanisms to ensure that key stakeholders are engaged and managed effectively.
  • Productive dialogues and relationships between Project Sponsors and their Project Managers with shared understanding of roles, accountabilities and the processes and tools required.

Business impact will include:

  • Faster delivery of the strategy by setting up the right projects, accelerated project initiation and faster project delivery
  • More efficient resource allocation across projects leading to less project cost
  • Faster project delivery through improved stakeholder alignment and reduced political interference