The Benefits of Embedding

The benefits our clients see include:

  • Real and immediate business impact clearly aligned to measurable business outcomes
  • More confident and high-performing people – not just knowing how to do something but having the experience of doing it successfully back in the organisation
  • Evidence that L&D can drive real business performance – rather than being seen as a disconnected overhead cost
  • Reduced reliance on external L&D expertise


Read more about the specific benefits for:

Your Organisation
  • Sustainable development of performance which drives the bottom line in a cost effective way
  • Less long term reliance on external learning and development professionals
  • Short term performance gains and the ability to track performance improvement


 Line Managers
  • Visible development of your people and teams
  • A stronger relationship with team members
  • Enhanced skills in developing and coaching people
  • Improved team performance
  • A more confident team and individuals with a greater sense of initiative and responsibility


L&D Teams 
  • An enhanced relationship with the business
  • Direct and measurable contribution to the success of the business
  • A more strategic relationship with the business 
  • Sustainable new skills and capabilities
  • Greater confidence they can apply new skills
  • More marketable skills
  • A clearer sense of personal and career progression
  • Improved real personal performance