How Embedding WorksHow Embedding Works

Embedding focuses entirely on how new skills and knowledge are applied to deliver improved business performance. At its core is an explicit partnership between line managers, participants and programme facilitators. All three contract and work together to create sustainable performance improvement for the individual and the organisation.


For many organisations the link between investment in training and development and improved business performance is unclear. Training is often an “add on” that happens alongside line management and on the job learning. Skills development is outsourced to a separate L&D function and it is left to the individual or their line manager to bridge the gap between new skills acquired and the challenges of their everyday job. As a result, performance improvement is sporadic and left to chance.

We understand that our clients have different approaches to developing their people and we are happy to work with you whatever your approach is. Indeed we are confident that we can support you and, if appropriate, help you to broaden your approach to developing your people through the use of some simple tools and processes. Our L&D Spectrum sets out four different approaches to people development, the pros and cons and the focus of each.

To help you determine which approach best reflects that currently used by your organisation use our Self Assessment checklist. It only takes a few minutes to complete and you may find the results insightful.

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  • Embedding Performance

telephone-conversation_iconMany organisations aspire to use an embedding approach but often lack the tools, processes or even mind-set to make it happen. Through our team’s experience with leading businesses we have created frameworks, tools and approaches which are simple to apply and can help you significantly improve your return on investment in people.
To find out more contact us and we will be pleased to discuss these with you.