Demonstrating Commercial Acumen


You need rounded, savvy business people with the skills and confidence to operate, manage and contribute to your business’ financial performance in areas beyond their core areas of expertise.


We will work with you to design and develop activities and initiatives to enable your people to, for example:

  • Develop business insight beyond their core areas of expertise
  • Apply strategic planning tools and frameworks to explore the strategic context of their business (unit)
  • Put in place efficient practices to evaluate and manage business risks
  • Analyse the value chain and use this to identify opportunities to reduce cost or add value
  • Create tactical or strategic business plans and the operational frameworks to ensure they are implemented successfully
  • Demonstrate the true capabilities and confidence of a broad-based business person

Business impact includes:

  • Improved cross functional cooperation on business matters
  • Structured approach to developing new business opportunities
  • Robust action plans put in place to embed new commercial disciplines and processes
  • Increased recognition of personal accountability for business results
  • Greater confidence in ability to influence the bottom line