Programme Management


You need people who will:

  • Translate strategic direction into packages of deliverable work generating the right outcomes
  • Make the shift from managing individual projects to shaping and co-ordinating linked projects to deliver large scale business benefit
  • Manage the delivery of more complex programmes of work efficiently and effectively
  • Focus on delivering the right strategic outcomes for the organisation rather than just project objectives
We can work with you to create:

  • Practical and engaging development programmes that enable people and teams to understand what Programme Management really is and how to use it for the benefit of the organisation
  • The opportunity to apply pragmatic skills and tools in designing and shaping business programmes, using real programmes, allowing them to develop deep understanding and confidence whilst generating immediate business benefit

Business impact includes:

  • Quicker implementation of business strategy
  • Improved alignment of project activity to business strategy leading to more efficient use of resource, incurring less cost
  • Greater focus through the alignment of key stakeholders and the generation of shared programme of activity and priorities across the organisation, accelerating delivery and reducing resistance